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Joined 4 years ago from IL, MO & KS. Last activity 8 days ago.

I am a US Army Veteran, Musician and Certified IT Professional. I am currently finishing up my Bachelors of Arts in History at Columbia College.

I am the former President of the South-Central Missouri Civil War Round Table, a former officer for the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Old Abe Camp #16, Dept. of Kansas and a Charter member of Sigel Camp #614 SUVCW, Dept. of Missouri. I am member of the Cold War Veterans Association and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

I have a strong interest in military history, specifically, the American Civil War, American history, and Ancient/Medieval History. Genealogical and Gravestone research are two areas I am fascinated by and have began various projects in both, not only within my own family, but for others as well.

I am a Christian and also find Christian history extremely fascinating. From the time of Christ to the 20th century there have been some incredible people and stories in the Christian faith.

I also like to write and enjoy putting my thoughts and opinions out there for discussion. I can be obstinate, but I still respect the individual's opinion. Add all those interests up with the ability to convey them through blogging and you have the foundation of what my hubs are about.

I am also a musician and have been playing music for going on 30 years. I have recorded albums with a few bands and have played live onstage since I was 17. 

I am happily married, have three outstanding kids, I am a true Midwesterner... I am originally from Illinois, spent the last 20 years in Missouri and I currently live in Topeka Kansas.

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